Let’s face it, we’ve been through challenging times - there’s no doubt about it. But when you hang out in The SitaZEN Room, you’ll get what you need to manage your stress and be intentional about creating daily habits to maintain your well-being.  
Multiple studies show self-care routines reduce stress and disease, and create internal peace. Likewise, companies who adopt the culture that supports their wellness programs increase productivity, employee morale and decrease healthcare costs. Successful practitioners of daily self-care will tell you it’s important to connect with people and things that will help you focus on your overall health. Sometimes this is not easy, especially if self-care has been a low priority or burnout has caused you to ignore the need for it.
In The SitaZEN Room, we’ll give you the strategies to create your mental and physical spaces for renewal, along with the products to stimulate your senses and heighten your wellness experience. When you stay connected with us, self-care will no longer be optional.
About the Creator
Ericka Sallee
Ericka Sallee

I’m an entrepreneur and a divorced mother of two, so I understand that life is full of moving parts that command your attention in different ways. Growing up, my family always took care of each other but I didn’t understand until I was well into adulthood how important it is to take care of self. When I was going through the highs and lows of a personal life changing event and searching for fulfillment professionally, I learned how necessary it was to nurture myself, mind, body and spirit.

As a Transformation Success Coach, I’ve had countless conversations with clients who never practice self care or feel guilty when they do, ultimately putting others’ needs first before their own. Over the years, I’ve witnessed colleagues who work endless hours, attend back to back meetings and rarely stop for a break. It’s such a part of the norm in the corporate culture that working to exhaustion is like a Badge of Honor. What’s ignored is that stress and lack of self-care can destroy us over time. This is why I created The SitaZEN Room, so people can be advocates for their personal well-being, shift behaviors and have healthier lifestyles.

My mantra: Self-care is not selfish. It’s necessary.

I want you to adopt this for yourself!