Ready to pivot?

We’re all yearning to regain a sense of normalcy. Life was hectic enough with its fast pace and increased demands between work and family. With COVID, communities in crisis and disruption to every aspect of our lives, our stress levels increased exponentially. The SitaZEN Room is where you can exhale the stress and anxiety, and inhale healthy vibes.

Have a ZEN moment wherever you are.

You can access The SitaZEN Room on our Instagram page @sitazenroom. There you'll find creative connections that blend integrative health approaches so you can be your own wellness champion. Themed videos and live conversations will engage and enlighten you on how to be committed to you and have fun creating ZEN spaces to match everyday life.

Here at, compliment your ZEN spaces with our carefully selected organic products that combine essential oils, fruit extracts and other natural blends. We invite you to allow your senses to be stimulated so you can have an exhilarating experience while using any of these products and stay in your ZEN flow when you're not.

When you clear your mental space, add simple touches to your physical space and pair the right product, you’re sure to find your ZEN anytime, anywhere.

Exfoliating Scrub & Body Butter

Enriched with sea salt, sugar and premium grade Shea Butter our delicately blended scrub and body butter will help you slough away dead skin and moisturize for a silky smooth finish. 



Made from soybeans, our hand poured candles can give you the boost you need to concentrate, be productive and maintain your ZEN space at the same time.


Room Mists

Concentrated and alcohol free, this light mist fills the room and stimulates your senses. The delicate fragrance helps you focus when needed or settle in when your day is done.


Shower Steamers & Oil

100% natural Shower Steamers and complimenting essential oil provide a relaxing spa experience at home. Breathe in deeply and exhale stress, tension and anxiety.